The Program

Students of the 2018-20 cohort, Darmstadt, October 2018
Students of the 2018-20 cohort, Darmstadt, October 2018

International double degree

Mundus Urbano produces advanced graduates who can innovatively address the complexities of the phenomena facing the world's urban populations, mostly in developing countries and emerging economis. The consortium structure of the program allows students to pursue a double degree in International Cooperation and Urban Development with specialisations in Development Economics (Rome), Sustainable Emergency Architecture (Barcelona) or Urban Planning (Grenoble).

Programme structure for Second Year

Second year at TU Darmstadt provides the students to specialize in one of the areas of international cooperation in urban development accoring to their own interests. The curriculum is distributed in ten modules, of which three are obligatory, while the rest are electives.

All modules are defined by their contents, learning outcomes and number of credit points that can be earned in the course according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The total two years course requires 120 credit points (CPs), normally divided equally into 30 CPs per semester.

The modules are described as follows:

Module 1 – Urban Design Project (obligatory-option 1)

Specialization in urban design

Module 2 – Urban Research Project (obligatory-option 2)

Specialization in planning and development research

Module 3 – Research Methods

Acquisition of methodological research experience

Module 4 – Advanced readings

Specialization in urban develop-ment literature

Module 5 – Excursion

Comparison of a European with a non European setting

Module 6 – Internationalconference

International conference experi-ence

Module 7 – Research colloquia

Reflective process to support the thesis writing process

Module 8 – Exchange modules

Specialisation according to the students own interests

Module 9 – Internship (obligatory)

Acquisition of practical experience in a project implementation agen-cy

Module 10 – Master Thesis (obligatory)

Practice and proof in scientific problem analysis and report writ-ing, understanding of context of research topic



The Masters Programme is taught in English language


Master of Science in International Cooperation in Urban Development (M.Sc.)

Final deliverable

Masters Thesis in the form of written academic paper.

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